Saturday, June 13, 2009

The idea of managing UMP-IEM Starz Radio is started from a joke of a friend.

One day, the five of them (Daus with A, B, C and D) were studying together in a room at the hostel. In the moment when all of them were relaxing with the hot tea, suddenly:

A : “Friends, what are we gonna to do? It’s such a boring day”, expressed A with a sigh.
B : “Hmm... There is no coverage for the radio, so how about we create it by our own?” B suggested, laughing.
C : Seriously agreed with B and pointing towards Daus. “Do it Daus, I know you’re really interested with this kind of computers stuff, I’m not good in this”.

All of them agreed with C and on that night, Daus starts to plan and make some research. And finally around 5.30 A.M, he started the trial (test run) for the first time and - it’s a success! The joy that they shared, it’s really unbelievable. On the next day, Daus, together with A and C seek for a suitable name for the radio station, and on that moment, the name that has been chosen is UMP Virtual Radio with the motto “Lebih Power Daripada Cikai”.


But after that, he’s facing a problem with the DJ (Disc Jockey). There is no DJ for the radio. So, Daus, he needs to be the DJ. For the record, UMP Virtual Radio has started on July 2007 (unofficially). He managed it with the support of his friends and even the response is not so good, it’s doesn’t matter for him, he’s still happy.

After 5 days running the radio, there’s no signs that UMP Virtual Radio will get a higher response, but he stick with his determination and the main purpose which is to make a change in UMP with the entertainment approach.

A few days later, the number of listeners increases drastically from 5 to 40 units, and it’s really meaningful for Daus. But there’s another problem, the listeners want something new. They want some new DJs. Stressed, Daus forced B and D to be the DJs for UMP Virtual Radio.

B as DJ Kelate, C as DJ No Name and Daus as DJ Dauskupang. The intranet radio is complete with the listener unit of 90 each night. After one period, Daus invited one of his friends to cheer up the club (the DJs club). The new DJ is DJ Abang Cinta. The die-hard-fan of UMP Virtual Radio, once or now, might have heard of all of them, the fun chattering while running the radio. It’s really entertaining.

The DJs have to manage their own time in order to entertain the students even when they faced some difficulties with the study schedule of the day, assignments, and also some other activities. Even if it’s a bit tiring, it’s never been an issue for them and they still keep on managing the radio.

One day, there is again a problem occurred – the listeners wanted a female DJ. For several weeks, Daus tried to find the best way to fulfill their wishes. The problem he’s facing now is not because of the DJ, it’s because of the technical problem. It’s solved. A friend has introduced Daus with a female student to be a DJ. On that night, officially, DJ Havoc jockeyed the radio for the 1st time and there are a huge response from the listener, it’s increased to 100-150. Starting from that moment, the real adventure started, in order to build a new broadcasting organization in UMP history.

With several people as a basis, they’ve tried their best to make UMP Virtual Radio as an official radio in UMP.

On the next year, 2008, Daus and the rest are seeking for the way to make the radio run officially. Finally UMP Virtual Radio signed a contract with UMP-IEM and will be operating under UMP-IEM as Multimedia & Publicity Committee and also one of the portfolios. The name of UMP Virtual Radio is changed to UMP-IEM Starz Radio with the motto “Your 1st stop music centre”.


A new website is created by Daus using co.cc and starting from that moment, the radio runs officially. The organization chart of UMP-IEM Starz Radio is created and each committee was given their tasks. In this period, DJ Kelate and DJ No Name have been signed out from UMP-IEM Starz Radio because of several technical problems. A female DJ – Dj Miss Slumber was offered to join the radio. But the number of DJ now is not enough to maintain the radio to keep broadcasting every night. DJ Hot then was invited to join the radio. Daus, DJ Abang Cinta and DJ Havoc conducted an audition to find new DJs. From the interview that has been made, three DJs have been accepted in the communities: DJ Fab (Fabulous), DJ World and DJ Funky, that makes the total DJ at the moment is eight. But after a couple of months, DJ Abang Cinta and DJ Funky resigned because they were attached with too many outdoor activities in UMP and commitment is a serious issue. Several add-on segments have been added up such as News@Starz, Tazkirah@Starz, Cuaca@Starz and also Starz Top 20. These add-on segments are based on the suggestion from the listeners.

On October 2008, UMP-IEM Starz Radio finally able to make the 1st live show at UMP-“Starbuck”, in front of the cafĂ©. The live show was done at night and it gets a huge response from the students there.

In the end of 2008, Daus left UMP. DJ Miss Slumber also resigned because of a technical problem. The radio was then left to Hasyim. In order to find new apprentices for the radio, another audition have been made to find a new voice for add-on segments and DJs. In this period, 3 new DJs are appointed - DJ Walker, DJ Rie and DJ Tom. Currently, the number of DJs is 9 DJs. Every committee of add-on segments have been added up to 2 to be alternately changed every week.

Due to some complications and other commitments, Hasyim couldn’t handle Starz Radio anymore. So, on 1 March 2009, Azam was appointed as the new Project Manager until today. Even though, several leaders have been appointed, the Starz Committee will never forget Daus’ contribution as the founder and as the burning spirit of Starz Radio. Up till now, UMP-IEM Starz Radio is proudly consists of 22 staffs.


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